Life insurance & Critical illness

We know that taking out a protection insurance policy probably isn’t one of the most exciting purchases you’ll ever have to make, but it certainly is one of the most important one!

And, unless things go wrong and you have to make a claim, you won’t normally get to see the benefits.  Whether its for your mortgage or your individual family needs, as part of the mortgage process we will always look to offer you the protection review and advise on the best possible way to protect you and your family should the unexpected happen.

As an experienced mortgage broker, we’ll tailor your protection to your needs and provide you with good overall cover whilst its affordable and fits within your budget.

What is Life Insurance and Critical illness?

Life insurance and Critical illness (also known as serious illness cover) products are designed to help to protect you, your family and your children from the financial impact of illness, disability and death. The proceeds can not only be used to repay the mortgage but also be used to fund any treatment, cover financial affairs or used to tick as many things off that bucket list as possible in the time that’s left.

Can I put my policy in Trust?

One of the Key benefits of setting up life insurance is to put your policy in TRUST. This will ensure that the proceeds of your claim would go straight to your loved ones without getting involved in capital gains tax or lengthy probate.

We will explain in more detail on how the trust works and how to set it up in plain English. As an experienced mortgage & insurance adviser we have access to a range of insurers to find you and your family the most suitable protection for complete peace of mind.

To what age I can have the Life insurance & Critical illness? 

Your Life insurance can be arranged for the duration of your mortgage term or when you reach your 90th Birthday. Your Critical illness insurance can be arranged up to your 70th Birthday

What options are available?

Mortgage Protection

  • Decreasing Term Assurance – this type of policy is designed for someone who has a repayment mortgage as it decreases in line with your mortgage. It pays a lump sum in the event of a claim
  • Level Term Assurance- this type of policy is designed for someone who has an interest only mortgage as the amount of cover remains at the same level. It pays a lump sum in the event of a claim

Family Protection

  • This type of protection is a Level Term Assurance which can be arranged to pay you & your loved ones either a Lump Sum or Monthly to help & provide financial support to cover the cost of everyday living expenses.

Can I have a guaranteed premiums?

You can have guaranteed premiums meaning that if you set up your insurance policy whilst you are still young you don’t have to worry about the cost of this going up, whereas if you leave it till later and you get older, insurance premiums could be more expensive.

There are various providers that offer insurance I.e. providers where you would simply put your policy documents in a drawer and hope you won’t ever need to make a claim and providers which will reward you for keeping healthy.

We have access to the following providers:

  • AIG
  • Aviva
  • Legal & General
  • LV
  • Royal London
  • Vitality
  • Guardian
  • Zurich
  • The Exeter

Our Promise to you

As an experienced mortgage agent We’ll provide you with clear and sound advice and only recommend suitable protection tailored around you, your family and your individual needs.

themortgagechoice are experienced mortgage specialists based in Byfleet. We have helped lots of clients in our hometown, Guildford, Woking, across the Surrey & Nationwide.

As with all insurance policies, conditions and exclusions will apply.

Talk to us today on how we can help to protect you and your family in the most effective way. 

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